As the daylight wanes and the leaves begin to fall, the colder weather creeps upon us, and with it the desire to stay warm. While reaching for the thermostat might be the easiest solution, it’s also the costliest.

Every day you choose to keep the heat off in your home is money in your pocket. So in order to help you stave off the cold without burning through cash, here are five ways to keep warm without heat.


dog bundled up1. Wear more clothes

When I was a kid, “Put on a sweatshirt” was my Mom’s favorite piece of advice when I complained of being cold any time before November, which is when the heat would go on. You don’t have to stop there though. Get some warm pajama pants, thick socks, fluffy slippers, maybe even a cozy winter hat, and you’ll wish it was colder out more often.


2. Change your sheets/blankets flannel sheets

Maybe you have flannel sheets all year, but if you don’t, you should definitely get them for the fall/winter months. Silk is sleek and sexy, and cotton might be the standard, but neither is going to keep you warm. As for blankets, get a soft, snuggly comforter, then toss a heavy quilt over it and you’ll be ready for hibernation.


winter area rug23. Cover your floors

If you have hardwood floors in your house, covering them with area rugs can provide insulation that will help keep the cold air from rising upward. It’ll also keep your feet warm should you ever forget to wear your socks and slippers.



4. Re-arrange your furniture  winter furniture

It’s not always feasible, but if you can, you should avoid positioning the couches and chairs you lounge on near large windows or walls that directly connect to the outside world. There’s no need for you to lose unnecessary body heat while you’re hanging out in your home.

It’s also a good idea to make sure large, cushiony, pieces of furniture don’t sit in front of a heating vent, because they’ll just suck up and retain the heat you’ll want spread throughout your home.


cat hot water bottle5. Use a hot water bottle

In our modern society, antiquated artifacts like the hot water bottle often go overlooked—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. It’s so simple, just heat up some water, put it in the bottle and keep it close to whatever part of you is most cold.



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