Commercial Building Owners

Commercial Energy Efficiency Upgrades Can Mean Huge Savings

Commercial buildings use up a lot of energy, which means if you haven’t made any energy efficient upgrades, then there’s ample room to save. In fact, it’s possible for commercial buildings to save 75% on their energy bill after making energy efficient upgrades. And in another study, owners of green buildings reported an average ROI improvement of 19.2%.

Available Unsecured Low Interest Financing and Utility Incentives up to 60%

Utility incentives combined with energy savings can reduce or completely offset your energy upgrades. Total Energy works with several financing partners that provide loans and leasing options for energy efficiency projects.

Going Green Increases Employee Productivity

It makes sense when you consider the recent upward trend of both client and market demand for green buildings. Going green even impacts how employees work. With improved lighting, better air quality, and more temperate working conditions, many employers have seen improvements in employee morale as well as productivity. One study even showed a 16% increase in worker productivity after making energy efficiency upgrades.

Start with A Commercial Building Energy Assessment

Just as with residential homes, the process starts with an energy audit to see where the building could benefit from energy efficient upgrades. Then it’s a matter of identifying which commercial energy upgrades will be the most cost-effective. This could mean minor upgrades like window and door replacements, or something more significant like switching out the HVAC system.

We understand that the bottom line is important, and work to make each upgrade as affordable as possible to give you the quickest breakeven point. There’s no need to get caught in the red when you can go green.

Limited Time Offer: Get A Free Building Assessment

What’s better? Saving the world or saving cash? How about we try for both? For a limited time, Total Energy Solutions is providing a free commercial building assessment. Call 203-442-1318 or fill out the form to the right to request your assessment today.