Introducing the Emme System

The Emme system is more than a smart thermostat—it’s a revolution in comfort and cost. The system is the world’s first Energy and Environmental Management System tailored for individual homes and businesses. It offers unparalleled control over your heating and cooling systems without any need for remodeling. In an affordable, expandable package, the Emme system provides more control, timely information, increased efficiency, and maximum comfort in only 1–2 days of installation.

Control and Convenience

What’s better? You can control the Emme system from any internet connected device. This means you can schedule or preset heating and cooling while on the go. Isn’t it time your thermostat worked for you?

Targeted Room-by-Room Corrections

The Emme Room-by-Room system divides your building into smart zones that provide target conditioning. Each room is heated and cooled independently, eliminating common problems (such as hot and cold spots) while correcting temperature imbalances.

A Customizable Schedule Built Around You.

With a 7-day programmable temperature schedule, you can set temperature points that match your lifestyle and ensure you’re not wasting money on heating and cooling an empty building. Worried that your life doesn’t fit a predictable schedule? The Emme’s Away mode allows you to easily and temporarily relax temperature set points to ensure you aren’t wasting money heating and cooling an empty home.

Effectiveness Ensured by Real-Time Monitoring.

For peace of mind, the Emme system offers a breakdown and analysis of your efficiency levels. The +Energy mode allows you to view real-time and historic data together, presented in terms of cost, kilowatts, and carbon footprint. With this information at hand, you can adjust the system’s performance before you get the utility bill. All of this can be done from the Emme’s Core touchpad, online, or on your mobile device.

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